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We offer peace of mind


Professional IT Advice from people you trust - without breaking the bank

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We make awesome websites

Want to work online? 

Email and Communication


Affordable, easy to manage and effective. No BS. 

You love your brand and business, your clients could love you too. 

You just need a website to show how awesome you are!

Work with your clients online

Easily and affordable manageable booking systems, online payment integrations, order forms etc. 

Mobile app integrated, interact on your mobile

Email and client communications

You want to connect and communicate with your clientele easily and immediately. 

Mobility and speed are key, your clients won't wait.

Security WOF

Are you at risk?

Putting your business online puts you at risk too. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

- Is my business type legally obliged to take measures?

- Am I protecting myself and my clients from harm? 

- Am I doing enough, do I know what I am doing?

If any of the above questions and answers worry you, you will do well by contacting Apex IT for a Security WOF. 

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IT Manager

Trusted Advisor

Do you manage your IT, or does it manage you


Getting the right advice is not as easy as it sounds. 

Are you paying too much for your current IT services provider? Do you really need to buy that new hardware? What is a smart investment for the coming few years based on current events and market trends. 

We can help you make smart decisions. 

Trusted Advisors

What we don't do? We will not take over your IT support.

We do work with your vendors to ensure you get the support you need, without overpaying or over-investing.

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